Trelleborg TM700 380/70R28 127A8  TL TrelleTrelleborg TM700 380/70R28  (13.6R28) TrelleTrelleborg TM700 380/70R28  (13.6R28)
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TrelleTrelleborg TM700 380/70R28 (13.6R28)

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Not available

Trelleborg TM Progressive Traction for all tractors between 100 and 240 hp.

When extra traction and unbeatable performance is required, this tire is to be selected. The wide footprint reduces soil packing and increases flowability while reducing wear and fuel consumption. The advanced technology of the TM700 provides excellent traction and grip with slight slip for minimal power loss and maximum power transmission to the ground

Däcktillverkare  Trelleborg
Mönster TM 700
Radial/Diagonal  Radial
Loadindex 127A8
Speedindex 40 km/h
Diameter 1292 mm
Omkrets 3895 mm
Bredd 370 mm
Rek. fälg W12-88
Rek. lufttryck N/A
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