Galore TM850 Galero TM800 800/65R32 (30.5R32) Galero TM800 800/65R32 (30.5R32) Galero TM800 800/65R32 (30.5R32) Galero TM800 800/65R32 (30.5R32)
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Galero TM800 800/65R32 (30.5R32)

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Galero TM800 800/65R32  is the ideal tire for combine harvesters, tractors or sprayers when high flowability and low ground pressure are important. With the entire 57 mm pattern depth, the tire gives maximum grip and minimal slip.

The powerful curved pattern bars that extend all the way into the shoulder provide maximum lateral stability and power transmission from the machine. The combination low profile with large air volume and flexible body provides comfortable driving.

Galero is manufactured by one of Europe's largest tire manufacturers. The factory has had a deep cooperation and produced a number of dimensions for Trelleborg until 2017.

Dimension 800/65R32 
Brand Galero
Pattern TM800
Rec. rim 27x32
Diameter 1853 mm
Width 818 mm
Air pressure 3.2 bar
Loadindex 178 A8
Pattern deepth 57 mm
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