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CEAT PRO PORT RX 18.00-25 40PR

14 995 kr
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Built to perform efficiently despite heavy loads and extreme working conditions,  this tire is ideal for hard, concrete and asphalt surfaces. Your best bet for heavy-duty applications at ports and container handling stations, delivers puncture resistance and a long service life.

Features & Benefits:

Puncture resistant, the PORT PRO RX sports a special wear-resistant compound  that supports heavy loads and extreme working conditions while a strong nylon casing ensures longer service life.

The PORT PRO RX strong bead makes it an able performer on heavy duty applications for ports and container handling stations. A higher under tread helps this tire navigate hard, concrete and asphalt surfaces with ease.

The PORT PRO RX is recommended for use on reach stackers

Däcktillverkare  CEAT 
Mönster Portpro RX
Dimension 18.00-25     
TRA kod  E4
Diameter 1673mm
Bredd 498mm 
Mönsterdjup 54mm 
Rek fälg 13.00-25
Rek. lufttryck 10bar
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